It’s hip to be square


Hi my name is Kathie and I’m a newbie. Go easy on me and I promise I’ll get far more interesting.

I set up Square Pegs a couple of years ago after circumstances required a change of lifestyle for me. I’d worked for many years with chronic back pain but to be honest working 9 to 5 full-time was meaning a weekend of recovery. I’m sure others can relate. That was fine but then when my mum got sick due to bowel cancer I knew something had to give. So out of necessity to care for mum (and myself), Square Pegs was born.

The first year was pretty all over the place. Not a lot of direction and a lot of me doing whatever work came along, whilst sitting by hospital beds or taking mum to chemo. Devastatingly mum passed away at the end of that first year and, even though it was kinda expected, I was pretty shaken. I took a few months to sort out those things you have to sort out when you lose someone and then I was left wondering what was next. So back to full-time work I went. However my body had got used to not having to sit in an office chair for fifty hours a week and consequently threw a tantrum. The chronic back pain had not only returned it was literally taking over my life.

So a new plan was needed. Square Pegs was dusted off and this time a definite direction was decided and embarked upon. Over the last few months I have been steadily building relationships with a variety of clients and loving the opportunity to help both charities and not-for-profit organisations develop new opportunities with funders, corporate partners and sponsors. I’ve made mistakes, have freaked out that no one would use me, have fist pumped and literally leapt for joy. Yes it’s been a roller coaster ride as the cliché goes and I’m so lucky to have the fantastic support of my hubby who has not only supported me financially and emotionally but also actually believes that I’m pretty good at this stuff!

So the next step of the plan is to start this blog with the hope that some of my random thoughts may actually be useful to other people – especially if you have an interest in charities, not-for-profits, arts or community organisations and how we can assist them to develop sustainable income streams. If that’s what spins your wheels then watch this space.

But this blog does come with a warning. I’m pretty passionate about what I do and I’m also pretty straight up about what I say (as I’m sure my friends will agree!) – but my observations are just that. My observations. Sometimes you’ll agree with me, sometimes you won’t. But hopefully you’ll think.